Fusion Lite


Try it out and decide

Fusion lite is a time limited project which allows you to have a taste of what it's like to run a long-term Fusion and and try everything out to decide if you want to go for it. The main comparison of the “classic” and the “lite” version of Fusion is in the following chart. 


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 Klasický Fusion

 Fusion LITE

 Time span

 Long-term, year-round, obligation to at least 2 years

 Time limited, about 3 months long, includes a weekend training camp


 A live band from the local Fusion

 via mp3, possibility of involving locals in the band

 Selection of songs and  arrangement

 Local leaders

 The national Fusion team

 Organisation of rehearsals

 Local leaders

 The national Fusion team, gradually involving locals

 Song teaching,  conducting

 Local leaders

 The national Fusion team, gradually involving locals

 Requirements aked of  the local church

 At least 4 adults, graduated from high school, members of the church, at least 2 of  them must be musicians plus a few youngsters.

 One organisational leader plus 4-5 people – potencial team pro  classic Fusion, and also to engage in relationships.


Local church organizing Fusion lite provides:

- a place for rehearsals

- a main organizational leader

- 4-6 people from local church/youth group who will build relationships with students and eventually help with some activities (conducting, games, warm-ups…)

- refreshments during and after rehearsals

- follow-up activity after Fusion lite ends

- equipment (projector + sound system capable of playing mp3 + one microphone)

in case of having a live band; instruments

- financial participation USD 200 (expenses for the national team transportation)