What is Fusion?

Fusion is a group of modern pop-rock choirs for students from 13 to 20 years of age. Fusion is open to everyone regardless of their abilities because it offers many areas in which one may participate.


Anyone can join!

Although Fusion is a group of amateur student choirs, the energy and enthusiasm they put into their performances make their concerts an amazing exhilarating experience!



Fusion. A choir. Kind of.

Not only do the youth sing songs that they get to choose and arrange themselves, but they also have the opportunity to learn to play instruments, conduct, organize concerts and other events, join a dance group, participate in plays, learn to work with media and much more just by joining a workshop. They get to demonstrate what they have learned when it comes to having a concert, in which there is always someone trying something new…

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More information:

Although Fusion is always overseen by a local church, most of its members are not Christians. Fusion is a great place for youth to spend time together regardless of each other’s world views. It's an opportunity to be introduced with Christianity and do what we enjoy at the same time. On the Czech national scale, Fusion's umbrella organization is KAM (a Christian Youth Academy base in the Czech Republic) and on the international scale the umbrella organization is Josiah Venture by which Fusion runs in six more European countries. Today, in the Czech Republic Fusion runs in eight cities. In Havířov, Ostrava, Frýdlant, Vsetín, Brno, Tachov, Ústí nad Labem and one has just recently been born in Písek.

Fusion is supported by local communities, city municipalities, by schools and by parents, who can send their teens to Fusion where they may adopt some Christian ethics.

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