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What is Fusion?

Fusion is a modern choir where young people can find themselves, meet new people, and learn new skills such as: singing, playing different instruments, conducting, theatre, dance, and others. Students then have the opportunity to present everything they learned from the weekly rehearsals at concerts held throughout the year. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in weekend retreats and summer camps. Fusion exists in 12 places in Czech Republic and more than 40 across Europe.


“An important motto in work with adolescents is to give them an opportunity to express themselves. Help them find their own opportunities, their own skills...  teach them how to cooperate within a community, and positively influence their peers. All of this, found in Fusion, is a valuable asset to the support of growth of a young personality, and at the same time acts as prevention of pathological phenomena common among youth. Thanks to the Fusion project, an empty space has been filled in a positive way. 

Head of the Department of Education, Havířov City Hall

Reactions of parents

“Thanks for what you all do for our teenagers. My husband and I truly appreciate it! We can see how our kids enjoy every Fusion event, and their excitement even energizes us. To give a concrete example: Our son has developed into a young man with a healthy self-confidence, and Fusion very much positively influenced this…”

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